Tip of the Week

Theory of Mind

September 28, 2022

Research shows that young toddlers do not yet have Theory of Mind, or the understanding that other people think and feel differently than they do. This can lead to many miscommunications, like thinking their friends all love the slide, or that everyone enjoys carrots.

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Messy Eating

September 21, 2022

While developmentally appropriate, messy eating can be super frustrating for parents. Food waste and constant clean-ups may drive parents to spoon-feed their toddlers, but research shows there are important benefits in having toddlers practice feeding themselves.

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Labeling Emotions

September 14, 2022

Learning to recognize the multitude of feelings that humans experience begins with labeling. Starting at birth, families can label their child’s feelings as an important habit to promote self regulation in the future. You can model this in visits, such as “I think you’re uncomfortable being naked on this cold scale” or “I know that…

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School Concerns - Not Sitting Still

September 7, 2022

Research shows that practicing how to stop and start their bodies is an important strategy to help children strengthen self regulation. You can suggest parents build games like freeze dance, musical chairs, and red light/green light into their day to help practice these skills. This type of inhibitory control, an executive function skill, is closely…

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Preparing for School

August 31, 2022

In the next few weeks, many of your patients may be headed to school for the first time. Share some tips to make the transition easier: Practice the walk or bus/train/car ride and visit the school. Talk about what to expect by reading books together. Get into the routine of early mornings at least a week…

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Separation Anxiety

August 24, 2022

Practicing healthy goodbyes can help ease separation anxiety, which normally begins between 8-10 months and can reappear throughout childhood. Help parents to: Avoid sneaking out. Parents should give a quick and upbeat goodbye. Stay calm. If parents appear upset, chances are that baby will be too. Remind their baby that they will come back, and…

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