Tip of the Week

Responding to Children’s Comments

May 24, 2023

When children are accidentally insulting or rude, parents often turn to shaming. Instead, remind parents to separate what children say or do from who they are. While explaining why something may be hurtful, parents can reassure their child that it’s OK to make mistakes, and that they’re loved unconditionally.

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Using Sibling Conflict to Support Perspective Taking

May 17, 2023

By age 4 or 5, it’s easier for children to understand the thoughts and feelings of others, and how their actions may impact someone else. Explaining these concepts in relation to sibling conflicts helps to manage daily squabbles and strengthen friendships as children grow.

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A Great Exit

May 10, 2023

As you bid farewell to a caregiver today, try offering praise based on something you witnessed in the visit. Leaving them on a high note inspires confidence, helps them recognize what to do more of, and builds their connection to you and the healthcare team.

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Bringing Attention to Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

May 3, 2023

Most parents expect infants to cry - but may be surprised by their own emotions. Supporting maternal mental health is an important part of a pediatric provider's role, as postpartum depression and anxiety impact the safety and health of both the mother and child.

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Promoting Silliness in the Office

April 26, 2023

Medicine may be a serious business, but a little silliness can model flexibility, critical thinking and problem solving for your patients. So brush up on those improv skills and try your hand at a few silly moments in a visit soon.

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Toddler Tantrums

April 19, 2023

Though it isn’t any fun (for kids or parents), tantrums will improve as toddlers learn more ways to communicate and to manage BIG emotions. Remind caregivers that tantrums are normal and expected at this young age; toddlers still need a caregiver’s help to calm down, and aren’t trying to misbehave.

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