Tip of the Week

Offering Choices

September 20, 2023

Using choices can help manage power struggles, support independence, improve confidence, and build self-esteem. Remind parents to offer young children two acceptable choices to pick from in order to help them to feel in control, and allow children to begin to exert their own decision-making power.

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Praising Effort, Not Success

September 13, 2023

It is already well documented that praising effort is as important, if not more, as praising success. This recent study shows that this is true in infancy, too. When parents time their praise in accordance with children’s efforts, children showed more persistence on challenging tasks.

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September 6, 2023

Transitioning from one task or activity to another is HARD work for toddlers, and frustrating for parents. Suggest that parents preview what comes next and use concrete reminders, for example: “Remember, two more turns on the slide and we have to leave the playground,” to help children practice this important skill.

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Positive Opposites

August 30, 2023

Young children don’t yet know how to behave, and it’s a caregiver’s job to teach them. One helpful strategy is to ask children for the behavior parents want them to do, instead of telling them what not to do. This teaches new skills and promotes self regulation.

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Facing Kindergarten with Confidence

August 23, 2023

Kindergarten brings new adventures, skills, and opportunities. Facing these with confidence means having a growth mindset - the belief that you can tackle challenges through practice and hard work. This type of mindset is linked to many positive outcomes, including academic success throughout childhood.

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Toddler Toothbrushing

August 16, 2023

Many parents complain about how difficult it is to get toddlers to brush their teeth. Since toddler power struggles are normal, it’s important for caregivers to view this as an opportunity to promote independence and try a little creativity - like having their toddler brush their teeth.

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