Tip of the Week

Conversations Without Words

January 25, 2023

Conversations don’t always need words. A hug? A secret handshake? A complicated story with elaborate motions? Encourage parents to try out some non-verbal communication with their kids. Sharing special moments and connections doesn’t have to be complicated to have a big impact.

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The Importance of Physical Exercise

January 18, 2023

Learning to sit still and focus requires LOTS of practice. Staying physically active can help support self regulation, and build important executive function skills linked to greater social skills and school performance.

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Helping Parents Stimulate Learning at Home

January 11, 2023

Parents may ask YOU for ideas on ways to stimulate learning at home. We’ve got ideas. And they don't cost money. Check out the parent handouts for each well-child visit from birth to age 5. Helping families build connections is a prescription you can feel good about.

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You Are a Brain Builder

January 4, 2023

A strong parent-child relationship can have a dramatic impact on a child’s growth and development. Even when there is so much they can’t control, loving, nurturing and making their children feel safe creates the environment needed for optimal early brain development. Try reminding parents of their superhero status today.

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Asking Children Questions

December 28, 2022

How old are you? What’s your pet’s name? Asking questions is a great way to promote confidence and show children that what they say matters. And it doesn't have to add time - do it while taking the history, assessing their development, and sharing anticipatory guidance.

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Sing What You Say

December 21, 2022

Newborns are soothed by familiar voices and vocal patterns. In your next visit, try encouraging families to use singing as a way to promote caregiver-infant connection and introduce rhythms and patterns in speech. No actual vocal talent required!

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