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Gross Motor Development (6 Months)

Gross Motor Development (6 Months)

July 7, 2022

Normal Development:

  • Pulls to sitting position (4–8 months)
  • Sits alone for a few seconds (4–8 months)
  • Rolls from back to stomach (4–10 months)
  • Pulls to standing position (5–12 months)
  • Sits alone (6–10 months)
  • Stands up using furniture (6–12 months)
  • Walks holding on to furniture (this is called cruising) (8–11 months)
  • Stands alone (9–16 months)
  • Walks alone (9–17 months)
  • Throws a ball (9–18 months)
  • Walks sideways (10–12 months)
  • Walks backward (11–20 months)

What You Can Do:

  • Play games with a ball, rolling it back-and-forth together
  • Place toys out-of-reach to encourage your baby to crawl to them
  • Provide your baby with sturdy things to pull up on (for example couches, chairs)
  • Play in the bathtub, let your baby splash and kick the water
  • Create a climbing mound of pillows and cushions for your baby on the floor
  • Games such as peek-a-boo and “how big is the baby?” encourage active movement

Our Advice:

  • Let your baby have time to crawl and explore on the floor (without using infant walkers/jumpers)
  • Keep your baby’s shoes off whenever possible
  • Remember that your baby is still very young—try not to expect him to be able to do things beyond what’s normal for his age

Try not to compare yourself to other parents, or your baby to other babies. Every family is different.

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