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4-11 months
Gross Motor Development (4 Months)

Gross Motor Development (4 Months)

July 7, 2022

Normal Development:

  • Holds their head steady when being held (2–4 months)
  • General movements become less jerky (2–4 months)
  • Rolls front to back (2–5 months)
  • While lying on their back, can bring their feet to his mouth (3–6 months)
  • Rolls back to front (4–9 months)
  • Sits alone for a short time (4–8 months)
  • Pulls to sitting position (4–8 months)
  • Sits alone for a long period of time (5–9 months)
  • Crawling begins (5–11 months)

What You Can Do:

  • Encourage your baby to move and lift their head by calling to their name or rattling something to get his attention while on their tummy
  • Hold your baby’s hands and lift him off his back to sit, or roll him onto his side
  • Leg play (move your baby’s legs like they’re on a bicycle)
  • Put toys out-of-reach and let your baby try to grab them

Our Advice:

  • It’s important to start your baby with tummy time early
  • Let your baby go barefoot while they are playing or crawling
  • Remember that your baby is still very young—try not to expect your baby to be able to do things beyond what’s normal for their age

Try not to compare yourself to other parents, or your baby to other babies. Every family is different.

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