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Gross Motor Development (18 Months)

Gross Motor Development (18 Months)

July 7, 2022

Gross Motor Development skills are large movements like crawling, running, or jumping

Normal Development:

  • Begins to run (18–24 months)
  • Can roll a large ball and can throw it overhand (18+ months)
  • Opens cabinets, drawers, and boxes (18+ months)
  • Bends over to pick up a toy without falling (15–24 months)
  • Walks up and down stairs with some help (15–24 months)
  • Takes steps backward (14–24 months)
  • Enjoys sitting on and moving small riding toys (14+ months)
  • Can climb on to low furniture (14+ months)
  • Can squat or scoop and then stand back up without falling (18+ months)
  • Can stand on tiptoes (18–24 months)

What You Can Do:

  • Help your child learn to jump. Practice at playground or jump off of couches into a pile of pillows.
  • Take your child on walks without a stroller.
  • Play catch with a ball that your child can hold with two hands
  • Encourage your child to run and kick balls
  • Playground time!
  • Dance with your child to music with different rhythms.
  • Blocks

Our Advice:

  • Try to avoid too much time in the stroller. Walking is great practice and builds their strength and endurance!
  • Whenever possible, let your child feed and dress themselves. It’s fun and helps promote independence and muscle development
  • Try not to limit your child’s physical activity even when it makes you nervous that they may hurt themselves

Try not to compare yourself to other parents, or your child to other children. Every family is different!

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