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Activities to Promote Gross Motor Development

Activities to Promote Gross Motor Development

July 1, 2022

Gross Motor Skills include large movements like crawling, running, and jumping

Bubble Chase: Bubbles are a toddler’s favorite and they’re also a great way to get kids to exercise! Blow bubbles for your child to chase around outside. Get them to chase after the giant bubble, then the tiniest bubble etc. to make it even more complex.

Box Push: Give your child some large boxes. Let your child put some of their toys in a box and show them how to push it around the room. Ask them to help you. After you push the box, ask your child to push it on their own. Let them play with the boxes in their own way.

Follow the Leader: Put on some fun music and play follow the leader with your child. As you lead, try different actions (crawl, walk, march, move fast). Encourage your child to follow, as long as they’d like.

Slide! Take your child to a playground and encourage them to climb up the steps (with your help at first) of a toddler-size slide. Be very careful the first few times your child tries this. Let them slide down and try it again.

Animal Exercise Class: Sing “Old McDonald,” and as you sing each animal’s name, move your body the same way the animal you are singing about would. Try being a snake (wiggle your whole body), a monkey (hop up and down), or an elephant (hang your arms low like a trunk).

Stand On One Foot: Stand in front of your child and lift one of your feet. As your child watches, say, “Can you pick your foot up like this?” If they have trouble picking up their foot by themselves, hold their hand and help them. Try rocking side to side as you lift one foot at a time. Let go of one of your child’s hands to see if they can do it on their own.

Toe Touch: Get your child to touch their toes in many different ways. Show them how to stand and bend down to touch their toes with or without bending their knees. Ask your child to sit with their legs in front of them and reach their toes. Sing “head, shoulders, knees and toes,” as part of your toe touching game.

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