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Activities to Promote Gross Motor Development

Activities to Promote Gross Motor Development

July 1, 2022

Gross Motor Development Skills include large movements like crawling, running, or jumping.

Things You Can Do To Build your Child’s Strength and Coordination

  • Rolling Fun: Take your child to a soft, grassy area or on a rug or carpet in your home. Let them lie down and show them how to roll.
  • Changing Speed and Direction: Play movement games with your child where they have to change speed or direction. Give them very easy directions when telling them what to do. For example, “run to the tree and back,” or “clap fast, and now clap slow.”
  • Heel-toe Walk:  Stand next to your child and tell them to watch your feet. Put one foot in front of the other, touching heel to toe. Ask them to make their feet look like yours. Show them how to take a heel-toe step and ask them to do the same. Have fun doing the heel-toe walk around your house.
  • Bike Riding: Tricycles are a fun, safe way to build gross motor muscles. Help your child pedal at first by showing them how to push down with one foot at a time. Always make sure your child wears a helmet.
  • Toss: Toss around a ball or beanbag with your child. Try asking your toddler to toss a balled-up sock into a laundry basket.

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