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Growth & Development

Sensory Development

Normal Development:

  • Understands information about what they are touching (hot, cold, soft, hard) (8–14 months)
  • Sensitivity to bitter tastes (12–19 months)
  • Sees about 20/60 level, gradually reaching a norm of 20/25 (12–22 months)


What You Can Do:

  • Let your child feel different textures and name them as you touch them (soft, rough, smooth, slippery)
  • Play with finger paint and play-doh, but make sure your child doesn’t try and eat it!
  • Introduce your child to many different tastes and smells
  • Stop and smell things. Show your child how to actually smell the roses!
  • Massage your baby during calm down moments.


Our Advice:

  • Adjust how you parent your child to go hand in hand with how their mood is in different situations.
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