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Growth & Development

Sensory Development

Normal Development:

  • Enjoys movement and touch (0+ months.)
  • Can tell the difference between basic colors (1–5 months.)
  • Can focus on objects up to 3 feet away (1–5 months.)
  • Uses hands and mouth to explore objects (1–7 months.)
  • Looks towards sounds (3–7 months.)
  • Rubs their body against objects to explore touch (3–6 months.)
  • Depth perception develops (3–7 months.)
  • Can identify where sounds are coming from  (4–8 months.)
  • Ability to taste salt improves and babies prefer it (4–8 months.)


What You Can Do:

  • Massage your baby to music.
  • Rock your baby to soft music.
  • Play with toys with different textures.
  • Musical mobiles.
  • Stroller rides on different types of surfaces (for example, bumpy, smooth, etc.)


Our Advice:

  • Let your baby explore surroundings without worry too much about germs.
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