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Newborn Skin

Common Newborn Skin Issues

My baby’s skin is peeling. It is normal for babies to shed the outer layer of dead skin.  No special creams or lotions are needed, as that can delay the peeling of the skin.  If the cracking is deep, an emollient may be used to prevent deeper cracking and bleeding.

My baby has a rash that looks like little pimples. This usually is a common newborn rash that looks like yellowish pimples surrounded by a red area.  This rash does not hurt, does not itch and should go away within 1 week.

My baby has small white dots on their nose. This is another common rash causes by hormones from the mother and should also resolve in a few weeks.  If your baby has a fever or appears ill and has a rash, contact your pediatrician immediately.

My baby’s skin looks yellow.  This yellowness of the skin is called jaundice and is very common in newborns.  Babies usually have more red blood cells than are needed at birth, so they are broken down and produce bilirubin.  A small amount of bilirubin in normal to have, but if there is too much bilirubin, your baby may need treatment.  If you notice jaundice in your baby, discuss it further with your pediatrician.

The content provided is not meant to replace the advice of your child’s physician. Please refer any specific issues or questions about your child to your pediatrician or health care provider.