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Growth & Development

Infant Noises

Infants make LOTS of noise!  It is common for babies to occasionally sneeze, hiccup, sigh and intermittently make grunting noises – especially when they are sleeping or have just eaten.  Babies can even sound “congested or snortly.”  Sometimes this is just milk that has gotten into the back of their very small nasal passages.  Sometimes babies may also have had spit up come out of their nose – this is totally normal.  If you see mucus in the nose, you may use a bulb syringe (and or a NoseFrida) to remove the mucus.

If the baby is having lots of nasal congestion, especially if he or she also has a fever or is using extra effort from chest muscles to breathe – contact your pediatrician immediately.  Always notify your doctor for any fever (temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or above) in a newborn.

The content provided is not meant to replace the advice of your child’s physician. Please refer any specific issues or questions about your child to your pediatrician or health care provider.