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Growth & Development

Gross Motor Development

Gross Motor Development Between Ages 2 and 3
Normal Development:

  • Walks or runs in a straight line
  • Jumps off the floor with both feet
  • Walks up and down stairs, alternating feet
  • Bends over easily without falling
  • Can pedal a tricycle
  • Runs easily
  • Can dress herself with some help


What You Can Do:

  • Play hopping games
  • Ball play
  • Tricycle riding (with safety gear!)
  • Stair climbing
  • Playground time
  • Gym class


Our Advice:

  • Try not to limit your child’s physical activity even when it makes you nervous that they may hurt themselves
  • Remember that your child is still very young—try not to expect your child to be able to do things beyond what’s normal for their age.

Try not to compare yourself to other parents or your child to other children. Some children do things earlier than others.