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Parenting Questions

First Toys

A rattle is a great toy for your baby. The sounds will be exciting for him to make and hear when he shakes it. With the rattle, your baby can also learn about cause and effect—when he causes it to shake, the effect is that it makes a fun noise. The rattle also supports fine motor skills because your baby can grasp it, let it go, and move it between his hands. You can use a rattle to play “tracking games.” Meaning you can move that rattle around and watch as your little one keeps his eye on it no matter where you move it.

A round grasping toy can be put slightly out of your baby’s reach so he has to work to get to it. Learning to move on his own is the development of a gross motor skill, and reaching for it with his hands and fingers is a  fine motor skill. Make sure not to challenge your baby too much though, so that he doesn’t become frustrated.

A squish toy can be dangled above your baby’s head and can provide entertainment as he begins to sit up and play with you.

Your baby may also enjoy playing “hiding” games with you. Putting items under blankets or sheets is a fun idea, as your baby is still excited by things that disappear.

Note: Whenever you can, try to let your baby decide what to play and explore. Your baby is still too young to be forced to learn.

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