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Growth & Development

Cognitive Development

Normal Development: Your baby watches for disappearing objects to reappear starting around 4 months and begins to understand ideas about cause and effect (for example pushing a toy makes it move) between 3–6 months.

What You Can Do: Use a rattle or other object to practice tracking with your baby (following the object with their eyes.) Show your baby that things disappear and then return (by playing peek-a-boo.) Imitate faces your baby makes at you and let your baby imitate you! (for example, wave bye-bye, blow kisses). Give your baby different types of toys to play with (different sizes, textures, etc.)  Repeat, repeat, repeat! Practice helps build strong connections.

Our Advice: Try not to rely on TV or videos to grow your baby’s brain or teach him new skills. Avoid electronic toys because they limit creativity. Try not to let the chaos of your outside life into your baby’s world—it can overstimulate your baby’s development! Remember that your baby is still very young—try not to expect him to be able to do things beyond what’s normal for his age. Try not to compare yourself to other parents, or your baby to other babies. Every family is different.

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