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Child’s Play in Action: Silly Chins

Find a hilarious new way to connect with your child. Jocelyn Greene, (Executive Director of Child’s Play NY) leads a playdate activity of Silly Chins. Play it as a sleepover game, to cut down on sibling rivalry, as an ice-breaker or to just bond with your child. Decorate your chin (use markers or feathers and googly eyes for added oomph) and turn yourself upside-down. Find a name, voice and personality for your chin and let the game begin! Our developmental psychologist weigh-in from Dr. Bronwyn Charlton from Seedlings Group sheds light on why this is great to play to enhance your communication with your kid. Since kids are “in character” they may be able to talk about issues that they wouldn’t normally. So whether you use it as an excuse to let loose and be silly or you let this game take you to a deep place with your kid, hope you enjoy Silly Chins!  Find more at

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