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Parenting Questions

Building a Library

Book types for the coming months:

  • board books
  • brightly colored books to touch and chew on
  • picture books with familiar objects
  • small sized books
  • homemade books with pictures of family and friends

Book topics, for an ongoing library, variety is key!

  • Sensory books (for example, That’s Not My Bear by F. Watt)
  • Animal books (for example, Dear Zoo by R. Campbell)
  • Picture books (for example, Fruit by S. Anderson)
  • Rhyming books (for example, Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss)
  • Feelings books (for example, Mama Llama Mad at Mama by A. Dewdney)
  • Bedtime books (for example, More More More Said The Baby by V. Maxs)
  • Repeating books (for example, Goodnight Moon by M. Wise Brown)
  • Counting books (for example, Daddy Hugs by K. Katz)
  • Alphabet books (for example, ABC Amazing Alphabet Book! by Dr. Seuss)
  • Category books (for example, Colors by C. Murphy)
  • Sound books (for example, Charlie Parker Played Be Bop by C. Raschka)
  • Multicultural books (for example, The Snowy Day by E. Jack Keats)