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Addressing Children’s Behavior

Your baby is still young and is still learning appropriate behavior. The following steps will help you change your baby’s behavior for the better without saying no and without yelling.
Think of a behavior your baby does that you would like to change. The next time your baby does this behavior, follow these simple steps:

1. Move their attention to something else (distract them!)

2. Show or tell your child what they should do instead of what they shouldn’t do. “Please walk” instead of “No running.”

3. Use the word “please.” It will help you stay calm.

4. Ignore the misbehavior or behavior you want to change.

5. Use the word “we.” For example, “We don’t hit” or “We use gentle hands.”

6. Give choices when possible: “Do you want the blue cup or the red cup?” When there is something your child needs to do and doesn’t have a choice over, don’t ask them to do it, tell them to do it (but remember to say please).

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