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Growth & Development

Activities to Promote Fine Motor Development

Fine Motor Development skill include small muscle movements like using a pencil and holding a spoon

Note: Fine motor skills are important for learning to write.

Remember, it’s still a good idea to keep a close watch when your child uses small toys even if they rarely put things in their mouth.

Pull-Apart Toys: Give your child pull-apart toys to play with. Show them how they fit together and then pull apart. Try toys like large Legos. As your child gets older you can give them toys of smaller sizes.

Play Dough: Give your child a ball of play dough to work with (you can even make your own). As you play together, show your child how you pinch off little pieces or squeeze the ball in your hand. See if your child will copy what you do with their own play dough. You can flatten the play dough, roll it, and make shapes with a cookie cutter.

Boxes and Lids: Gather a few different sized boxes with lids and a few small toys. Take the lids off the boxes and place them where your child can see them. Drop a toy in one box and let your child know that you are hiding the toy. Ask them to find a lid to close the box. If necessary, help your child find the right lid and put it on the box. Continue to play, matching the other lids to their boxes and hiding toys.

Lock Board Fun: Give your child a lock board puzzle or box. Show them how to move the latches back and forth as you talk about what they are doing. Let them also work on the locks on their own.

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