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Growth & Development

Activities to Promote Fine Motor Development

Fine Motor Development skills include small muscle movements like using a pencil or holding a spoon

It’s important to build your child’s hand muscles and coordination. These skills will make it easier when your child learns how to write.

Rice Play: Fill a bowl with about 4 inches of dry rice. Give your child a few plastic cups, bowls, and spoons to play with using the rice. Note: you may want to put a sheet under your child, as this activity can get messy.

Screw Tops: Put plastic bottles and jars with screw lids into a box. Show your child how to open the jars by unscrewing the tops. Let them play freely with the jars and their screw lids.

Beads: Allow your child to start stringing beads together by using large string and big beads.

Lacing Games: Have your child to begin to use his or her fingers to lace up their shoes, or loose shoes around the house.

Stickers: Peeling and sticking stickers on paper is a fun activity and great for fine motor development!

Note: It’s still a good idea to keep an eye on your child when they are playing with small toys that could be choking hazards.

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