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Experts & Partners

Our Team

  • Carrie Quinn, MD

    Executive Director Full Bio
  • Blair Hammond, MD

    Co-Founding Director and Director of Medical Education Full Bio
  • Aliza W. Pressman, PhD

    Co-Founding Director and Director of Clinical Programming Full Bio
  • Mariel Benjamin, LCSW

    Director of Programs Full Bio
  • Rosalind Wright, MD, MPH

    Director of Research Full Bio
  • Caroline Martinez, MD

    Director of Behavior and Developmental Services Full Bio
  • Elizabeth Wyner

    Associate Director of Operations and Team Management Full Bio
  • Xian Zhang, PhD

    Research Project Manager Full Bio
  • Michelle Maher, MPA

    Manager of Partner Programs Full Bio
  • Chelsea McGowen

    Project Coordinator Full Bio
  • Nora Engeldrum

    Administrative Coordinator Full Bio

Steering Committee

  • Lisa Satlin, MD

    Full Bio
  • Freda Burstyn, MBA

    Full Bio
  • Virginia Walther, LCSW-R

    Full Bio
  • Leora Mogilner, MD

    Full Bio
  • Kecia Carroll, MD, MPH

    Full Bio

Collaborating Faculty

  • Michael Brodman, MD

    Full Bio
  • Jeremy Boal, MD

    Full Bio
  • Bronwyn Charlton, PhD

    Full Bio
  • Joel Forman, MD

    Full Bio
  • Diane Adams, MS, LCSW

    Full Bio
  • Alefiyah Malbari, MD

    Full Bio
  • Laudy Burgos, LCSW

    Full Bio
  • Robert Wright, MD, MPH

    Full Bio
  • Vicki L. LoPachin, MD, FACP, MBA

    Full Bio
  • Gwen Raphan, MD

    Full Bio
  • Bambi Fisher, LCSW

    Full Bio

Outside Advisors

  • Ellen Galinsky

    Full Bio
  • Jeanne Brooks Gunn, PhD

    Full Bio
  • Claire Lerner, LSCW-C

    Full Bio
  • Anne Martin, DrPH, MPH

    Full Bio
  • Jocelyn Greene, MFA

    Full Bio

Parenting Center Board

  • Drew Barrymore *

  • Lisa Blau *

  • Carrie Braddock *

  • Courtney Corleto *

  • Evette Ferguson, MD *

  • Brett Heyman *

  • Melissa Meister *

  • Deirdre Miller *

  • Zibby Owens *

  • Alexandra Shiva *

  • Ferebee Taube *

  • Sasha Heinz, PhD *

  • Noa Meyer

  • Ali Thorne

  • Nicholas Thorne

  • Sarah Humphreys Collins

  • Meredith Lawless, CPA

*Signifies Founding Board Member

Our Partners

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