January 2019


    The ICARE Team is a peer support program for health care workers who have experienced a stressful work-related event, usually clinical in nature. It is now available throughout the Mount Sinai Health System. Employees seeking support through the ICARE Team should click here.


    Wednesdays at 2:30 pm

    Free for staff, faculty and students.

    Please email for registration link


    Mount Sinai Calm offers free yoga classes for staff, faculty, and students. Registration is not required and mats are provided. Specific locations and times are listed here. To join the weekly Yoga update, email or


    Classes are designed to improve written and conversational English with special attention paid to vocabulary, pronunciation, idioms, listening skills, writing, and grammar usage. Complete an assessment on Mondays at 19 East 98th Street anytime between 10:30 am and 3 pm. Call 212-241-1944 for more information.

  • MATERNITY TOUR: Mount Sinai West

    Tuesdays at 6:30pm Mount Sinai West, Main Lobby

    We want you to be confident that you will have a warm, comfortable setting for labor, delivery, and recovery.

    Knowing what to expect when it comes time for labor and delivery can ease any anxiety you may have about the birth process, especially if this is your first baby. Expectant parents, this complete maternity experience will guide you through what to expect from your first steps into the hospital until you leave our maternity unit with your beautiful baby.

    Free, for adults only, convenient tours of all the obstetrics facilities at Mount Sinai West, including the Labor and Delivery Suite and the Postpartum Suites, are available twice a week, on weeknights.

    It is extremely rare for tours to be cancelled, but if extreme weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances occur, there will be a message posted by 4pm day of the tour.

    No registration required.  Tours begin promptly from the Main Lobby.  The tour hostess will meet guests on the right side of the Main Lobby .  We respectfully request you to arrive 10 minutes early.  Tour length is approximately 2 hours.

  • MATERNITY TOUR for Spanish Speakers: Mount Sinai West

    Mount Sinai West, Main Lobby

    ¡Visite nuestras instalaciones de maternidad!

    Queremos que se sienta confiada que contará con un cálido y cómodo entorno para su parto, nacimiento de su bebé y recuperación.

    El saber a qué atenerse cuando llegue el momento del parto, puede aliviar cualquier estado de ansiedad que pueda tener respecto al proceso, sobre todo si es su primer bebe.

    Esta experiencia le ayudará a saber cómo la guiaremos en cada uno de los pasos, desde el primer momento en que llegue a nuestro hospital, hasta que se marche de nuestra unidad de maternidad con su precioso bebé en sus brazos.

    Estos recorridos–solamente para adultos–, se realizan dos noches por semana. Los mismos incluyen visitas sin costo alguno, a todas las instalaciones de obstetricia de Mount Sinai West, entre ellas la sala de Parto y la de Post-Parto.

    En muy raras ocasiones, los recorridos son cancelados debido a inclemencias del tiempo o algún otro imprevisto. En estos casos se publicará un aviso, a más tardar a las 4 p.m. del día programado.

    No necesita inscribirse. Solamente le pedimos que llegue 10 minutos antes. La persona que ofrecerá el recorrido recibirá a los participantes al lado derecho de la recepción principal del hospital. Los recorridos duran aproximadamente 2 horas.