Why Reading Matters – At All Ages!

October 3, 2018
Why Reading Matters – At All Ages!

Reading aloud to your child is a great activity for kids of all ages, not just those ready to enter preschool. Check out our tips below to learn why it’s important to make time for reading early and often.

Build a Bond

Start reading to your baby as early as possible. Even as newborns, babies recognize and love the sound of their caregiver’s voice: especially when you speak in a sing-song, higher-pitched tone. Creating a routine of things you both enjoy (like reading a favorite book) will help you bond with your child and foster a strong relationship.

Set them up for Success

Frequent reading and talking, even before your baby is able to understand or respond, creates a great base for language and cognitive development later on. You are your child’s first teacher!

Fun for All Ages

Kids of all ages benefit from reading aloud. Newborns who cannot yet speak or read gain lifelong skills from hearing stories. Toddlers love to look at pictures, hear repetition and have a reading routine. Children who are almost pre-school age have fun using their imagination, pointing at letters they recognize, and getting one-on-one time with you!

Foster Important Skills

When you read with your child and ask them discussion questions “beyond the page”, like “What do you think she wants to be when she grows up?” or “How do you think that made him feel?” you are helping your child learn to understand other people’s perspectives.  This is a valuable skill that will develop into empathy as your child continues to grow.

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