Weight OFF Your Shoulders

September 14, 2017
Weight OFF Your Shoulders

Homework is here and backpacks can cause some health issues for kids.

A few quick tips from our friends at Kids Travel Doc

  • Backpack injuries are VERY common.  Over 7000 annually in emergency rooms!
  • Size matters.  Backpacks should properly fit children and all attached straps should be used to maximize safety and comfort
  • Problem solve.  Look for early signs of backpack discomfort or strain and adjust.  Don’t assume that your child will “get used to it” and take pain or complaints seriously
  • Use storage wisely!  Make sure children take advantage of lockers at school and a clean work-space at home.  Getting organized with books and binders can save a lot of carrying back and forth!

For the complete list of tips, click here

Graphic courtesy of Yvetta Fedorova, New York Times