Ways to Promote Cognitive Flexibility

September 22, 2021
Ways to Promote Cognitive Flexibility

Cognitive flexibility is the ability to adapt our behavior and thinking in response to our environment. It occurs in 2 main ways – the ability to think about multiple things at the same time and the ability to think based on a change in demands or expectations. Cognitive flexibility is important in problem solving and making new and surprising connections allows children to develop executive function skills that they need for their overall health and wellness. Keep reading for ways you can promote flexible thinking in the visit. You can…


  • The importance of pretend play to promote creativity and understanding different perspectives


  • Silliness – “I’m going to check your ears now. Just kidding! I was being silly. I said I was going to check your ears, and then I checked your foot!”


  • Parents for speaking multiple languages in the home which has also been shown to promote cognitive flexibility

Check out the clip below for a demonstration of how you can use silliness to promote flexible thinking at the 2 year visit:


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