UNICEF Parenting

June 6, 2019
UNICEF Parenting

This past Saturday was the Global Day of Parents! Observed on the 1st of June each year, the Global Day provides an opportunity to appreciate all parents in all parts of the world for their selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship. The basis for this year’s message: “It’s about time”, underscores that parents need time to provide the “eat, play, love” children require to start their lives. For this week’s tip, we are sharing some of UNICEF’s great resources for parents and caregivers.

  • Guide to Baby Milestones: With every hug and every kiss, with every nutritious meal and game you play, you’re helping to build your baby’s brain.
  • Building Babies’ Brains through Play: Did you know that the most important interaction you can have with your child is through play? Harvard University’s Dr. Jack Shonkoff explains the most important thing a parent can do to support their child’s brain development.
  • Vaccines: Your Questions Answered.


Visit UNICEF’s Parenting page for more tips, videos, and news!

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