Traveling with Kids

July 12, 2018
Traveling with Kids

With their short attention spans and messy fingers, kids are not always easy to travel with. Check out our tips to keep kids entertained whether you’re traveling via train, plane or automobile.

1. Head to the Library

Books are one of the best ways to keep kids entertained (and quiet) while traveling. Before you depart, head to your local library to pick out a few new books so your child is excited to start the trip.

2. Grab a Pad of Paper

There are limitless options for entertainment with paper and pens. Kids can color in illustrations, write a story, play the squiggle game, or start a game of tic-tac-toe. A coloring book with their favorite cartoons can also be a great distraction.

3. Look out the Window

Classic games like I-Spy, the alphabet game, or the license plate game are still great ways to entertain kids if they have tired of toys or books you brought along. Plus, they won’t take up any room in your suitcase!

4. Find Snack Alternatives

Although fast food is quick, affordable and convenient, eating only junk food can make kids cranky and lethargic. Instead, avoid sugar highs and lows with kid-friendly portable snacks like carrots, cheese strings or apples.

5. Try an Audiobook

Audiobooks (or e-books) are fun for the whole family. Try picking out a title that all siblings will enjoy. The New York Public Library has over 300,000 available for free!


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