Shake It Up

January 11, 2017

At the Mount Sinai Parenting Center, we are always trying to find people who are inspiring kids across the city.  Below are some suggestions about introducing girls to sports and physical activity from Vanessa Kroll Bennett, founder of Dynamo Girl.

Girls are looking for their sports experiences to be fun and low pressure.  Here are some ways to engage the girls in your life and keep them moving:

  • Take a cartwheel break! Adding an opportunity to cheer or dance is AWESOME.  CREATIVITY does have a place in being physically active.
  • Let your daughter share her IDEAS. Making room for her SUGGESTIONS gives her ownership of the experience.
  • Add MUSIC to physical activity whenever you can.  It makes any game even more FUN.
  • Use SILLY things to play games  instead of traditional equipment.  For example, use BALLOONS instead of volleyballs and RUBBER CHICKENS instead of baseball bats.

To learn more about Vanessa and her impact on NYC girls, visit Dynamo Girls.