Safe Playground Tips

April 25, 2019
Safe Playground Tips

Playgrounds are fun and wonderful ways for your child to expend all of the energy they have stored up over the winter.  While playgrounds are often designed to prevent injury when used appropriately, these guidelines will help your child have a safe and injury free spring and summer. This week’s tip comes from Dr. Sheena Ranade, a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon and an Assistant Professor of Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery at Mount Sinai.

  1. Always supervise your child while on playground equipment.
  2. Children should always wear appropriate shoewear when playing on playground equipment.
  3. Avoid scarves, jackets with drawstrings, jewelry that can get caught in playground equipment.
  4. Keep your child on age-appropriate equipment for their safety and the safety of those around them.  Playgrounds with softer surfaces (woodchips, mulch, rubber) may help diminish injury but do not guarantee an injury free trip.
  5. Always use a helmet and appropriate protective gear when using a scooter, skateboard, bicycle, etc.
  6. When on playground equipment remind your child to wait their turn.
  7. Slides should be ridden by one child at a time.
  8. Parents should not ride the slide with their children, this is a common way to break a bone.
  9. Monkey bars are for climbing, not for gymnastic displays.
  10. Parents should report any unsafe or damaged playground equipment to the appropriate authorities.

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