Promoting Self Regulation in the Visit

April 21, 2021
Promoting Self Regulation in the Visit

Are parents coming to you with concerns about their child hitting, not listening, or having tantrums? These issues are likely age-appropriate and may be improved by parental responses and interactions that promote self regulation skills. Self regulation is a child’s increasing ability to manage their emotions, behaviors, and attention in order to achieve their goals. As a provider, you can use the well child visit to discuss, model and praise self regulation.

Check out these ideas to get started:

  • Discuss playing games like Freeze Dance or Simon Says that promote skills like focus, memory, and self-control.
  • Model mindfulness practices, like taking deep breaths during vaccines.
  • Praise caregivers for bringing a transition object, like a stuffed animal, to help a child get through the stress of the doctor’s visit.

For more ideas and reminders on how you can promote self regulation during the visit, log in to view our self regulation summary sheet.