• Raising the Mindful Family

    April 18, 2019

    Raising a family is anything but simple. Busy schedules, digital devices, long commutes—all of this leads to family members who are disconnected from each other as never before. Psychologists Stefanie and Elisha Goldstein show us ways to strengthen relationships, increase everyone’s well-being, and bring the family back together. Adapted from a full-length article originally published…Read More

  • Bringing the Science of Child Development into Pediatric Education

    April 11, 2019

    Instead of a tip this week, we’re sharing an article written by Mark Swartz for Early Learning Nation about what drives our work at the Mount Sinai Parenting Center. Continue reading to learn more about how we are transforming the way pediatric healthcare is delivered, particularly through our newly launched online curriculum for pediatric residents.…Read More

  • Get Outside in New York City

    April 4, 2019

    All parents struggle to get out of the house, but going on active adventures together can be a healthy and fun way to spend a day in the city! Visit a park NYC is full of amazing places to visit.  Try taking the train or bus to a new park – like Prospect Park (Brooklyn),…Read More

  • Creating Family Routines

    March 28, 2019

    Family routines and activities are great for kids: children love doing things the same way over and over again because it makes them feel safe and secure. When it comes to kids, even things that may seem small to you (like your child waving goodbye to you at the elevator each morning as you leave…Read More

  • Helping Kids to Cope with Nighttime Fears

    March 21, 2019

    After waking up from a bad dream, toddlers often want to sleep in their parents’ beds to feel safe. This is a very common phenomenon in households with children this age (around 3 years old), as it is the age at which children’s imaginations really start to take off. At the same time, they don’t…Read More