Managing Re-Entry Anxiety

June 10, 2020
Managing Re-Entry Anxiety

As we all begin to re-enter our workplaces and go out into the world, it is important to accept all big feelings and acknowledge this change. Read below for tips on how you and your loved ones can manage your anxiety and cope with this transition:

  • Make peace with anxiety – Find a way to regulate yourself so that you can be a calming influence on others. Encourage yourself to write each worry down. Categorize things you can and can’t control and focus on the former.
  • Talk about and recall positives – What are some of the things you can look forward to with re-entry? What are the positive lessons and new routines you’ll take with you from lockdown?
  • Be patient with separation– Do not push yourself or your loved ones out of your comfort zones too quickly.
  • Use empowering language – Instead of saying things like, “Nothing will be the same,” try saying things like, “it’ll be interesting to see how things are different.”
  • Remember, we are resilient – Most people are resilient and will weather this stressful experience and bounce back emotionally.


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