Making Goodbyes Easier

August 18, 2021
Making Goodbyes Easier
As a provider, you may have families raising concerns with you about their child’s separation anxiety as they go back to school. Separation anxiety is a normal phase of development, where children become distressed when they are separated from their caregiver. Here are a few tips you can offer to families to help make goodbyes easier:
  • Always say goodbye – Caregivers should always make sure to say goodbye whenever they leave and avoid sneaking out. It may feel easier for them to leave when the child isn’t looking, but the child can become anxious and begin to worry.
  • Remain calm and positive – Though separations may be upsetting to the child, caregivers should try to remain positive. Children look to caregivers for cues on how to respond to separation.
  • Establish a routine – Children like predictability, and having a routine will help them know what to expect and make transitions easier, like saying, “I am going to leave and go to the store now, but I will be back after your nap.”
  • Talk about something they’ll look forward to – Parents can say things like, “I can’t wait to hear about your day at school! When I get back, you can tell me all about it!