Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

March 25, 2020
Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

A scavenger hunt can promote problem-solving skills, boost observation skills, and most importantly get kids moving! Try picking a theme your toddler is interested in like letters, shapes, or colors! See below for some ideas:

1. Find something blue – Go through the house picking out things that are different shades of blue! Try saying things like “This ball is light blue, and this cup is darker blue, but they are both blue!” Ask your child if she can spot everything in the room that is that color. Once you have found everything you can, try switching to another color! Ask your child what color they want to look for next. You can encourage moments of autonomy by supporting your child’s choices while looking for the next color.

2. Find something round – See if you and your child can find round objects around the house. Try asking your child what they can do with round objects. “Round things can bounce, or they can roll!” Model what these words mean using different verb tenses. “See how the ball rolls? Look, it’s rolling! It rolled away!” Talking to your children is the best way to promote language development.

3. Find something big – Ask your child if he or she can find something big in the house. Once your child has found an object, try asking if he can find something even bigger! Then try asking him to look for something smaller. Once you’ve found all the objects, ask if he can order them from biggest to smallest. “What was the biggest thing we found? What was the smallest? Is this toy bigger or smaller than the other?” Sorting with your child supports the development of early math skills.

4. Find something that makes noise – Ask your child what objects they can find around the house that make noise. Try pointing at different objects and asking what sound they think it would make. Say things like, “I see leaves outside the window! What sound do you think leaves make when they blow in the wind?” Letting your child come up with his or her own ideas and explanations for things will nurture their creativity.

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