In the Exam Room – Making the Most with a Mask

September 9, 2020
In the Exam Room – Making the Most with a Mask

Wearing masks during visits can make relationship building with patients more difficult. Here are a few strategies to help build connections, EVEN with this barrier in communication.

1. Get on Eye Level. This helps children see your face better and feel less threatened.

2. Ask Questions Directly to the Child. This helps the child feel that you value what they have to say.

3. Smile. Even with the mask on, families can detect the facial expressions associated with a smile.

4. Infuse Silliness. Funny noises, silly phrases and a few jokes can help to make a child feel more at ease and comfortable.

5. Take a picture of your smiling face and pin it to your shirt. It is helpful for kids to see what your face actually looks like and be able to recognize and get to know you even while you’re wearing a mask.

6. Use Parentese, (a high pitched, sing-song voice). This engages children in a warm and friendly way.
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