How to Scaffold Your Child’s Learning

November 6, 2019
How to Scaffold Your Child’s Learning

Scaffolding is a technique parents can use in order to help children learn new ideas beyond what they already know. Similar to a scaffold outside a building, this technique helps children reach heights they wouldn’t have been able to reach on their own. Read below for a few tips on how to scaffold your child’s learning.

1.  Pay attention to what your child is doing, wait and listen.

2. At first, allow your child to experiment with something new on their own.

3. If your child seems frustrated, offer to help.

4. To help, make a very specific comment about the problem (“that puzzle piece is too big”) and a suggestion about the next step (“try putting a smaller piece in”).

5. Model new skills by showing your child how it is done.

6. Help your child accomplish something by breaking the task up into small, easier steps.

7. Support your child in doing each step (let them try on their own first).

8. Fix problems or mistakes without pointing them out. For instance, if your toddler points to a red object and says “blue”, find a blue object and say “yes this is blue” instead of  “no that’s red, not blue”.

9. Don’t finish the task for your child.

10. Give lots of specific praise for your child’s effort (“You worked really hard”).

11. Help your child to feel pride in their work (“You must feel so proud that you stacked three blocks!”).

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