How to Promote Independent Play

April 22, 2020
How to Promote Independent Play

With all of the changes to your routine, you may have difficulty balancing your responsibilities while working from home. Try to use this as an opportunity to encourage the development of autonomy in your child. Read below for some tips on how to promote safe and independent play.

1.  Create a play area

    • Include some type of table/desk and child-size chair if possible.
    • Store toys in visible and accessible areas (in low or open shelves)
    • Label bins and sort toys whenever possible
    • Encourage your child to put away their toys (this can be done with teamwork on your part)

2. Provide a variety of materials to play with:

    • Play-dough and some tools
    • Crayons and art supplies
    • Building toys
    • Puzzles

3. Try not to interrupt your child playing independently if you don’t have to. Respect his or her focus and let them finish something if you can.


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