High Quality Screen Media

December 30, 2020
High Quality Screen Media
As we approach the winter season, activity will rapidly move indoors. As a result, families may be turning toward television, apps, games, and other forms of screen media. How can you provide parents with age-appropriate recommendations while remaining sensitive to the realities of how much many parents look to screen time to take a break due to increased challenges and demands during this time? Keep reading for tips you can share with families to help them navigate the consumption of their digital media using Zero to Three’s E-AIMS model to find media that is Engaging, Actively Involved, Meaningful, and Social:

1. Engaging – Try choosing content that has a story line or learning goal to keep your child engaged. Choose content that focuses its interactivity on learning without distractions like pop-ups or links to other pages.

2. Actively Involved – Look for interactive content that elicits responses from your child to get them to participate in the content. Try changing up the apps, stories, or programs that you give to children so that they can encounter new challenges.

3. Meaningful – Look for content that reflects your child’s everyday life, for example by showing playtime or doing other familiar activities.

4. Social – Look for content that allows your child to respond or allows you to engage with your child. If parents are available to ask questions, they can ask them during the program.