Hand-Games and Self-Control

February 7, 2018
Hand-Games and Self-Control

Check out these videos from Vroom which demonstrate how children can strengthen self-control and build their working memories by engaging in hand games.

Learning self-control is essential to achieving long-term goals, as it allows children to take a step back and think about their actions. If we acted on impulses alone we would likely regret a lot of our choices! However, self-control takes time and energy to develop. Here are some fun ways to develop this skill with your children.


Beat and Repeat

Create a beat with 2 claps. Can your child copy it? Repeat until she gets it. Have your child create a similar beat. When someone misses, try again, can you make it to 3 beats or more?

Your child is developing self-control as they copy your patterns or create their own. If they make a mistake, all the better. They are learning that mistakes are a necessary part of learning – a good lesson no matter how old you are!


Secret Handshake

Invent a super-secret handshake. Take turns adding a step and repeat it until you both have it down. Now change a step and see how your child responds. Go back and forth between the old and new way.

Creating a learning a super-secret handshake helps your child remember what is needed to achieve a goal. This is a big step in learning self-control.


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Photo courtesy of katonahlibrary.org