Halloween Safety

October 27, 2021
Halloween Safety
Halloween is an exciting time for many children. Even though there is fun to be had, limits often need to be set, especially in relation to safety in street crossing. Per the AAP, “pedestrian injury [is] the most common injury to children on Halloween.” As a provider, you can discuss this risk with families and weave in strategies to promote self-regulation, which will help children practice controlling their bodies and coming to a stop before crossing the street.

  • Remind parents to always hold their child’s hand when crossing the street.
  • Discuss how parents can promote self-regulation by playing games like freeze dance, the statue game, or red light, green light.
  • Let parents know that they can practice saying, “Freeze!” when their child gets to the corner to avoid needing to say, “Stop, don’t!”

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween!