Games to Practice Self Control

January 31, 2019
Games to Practice Self Control

Check out these videos from Vroom demonstrating how children can strengthen self-control and build their working memories by playing games. Learning self-control is essential to achieving long-term goals, as it allows children to take a step back and think about their actions. If we acted on impulses alone we would likely regret a lot of our choices! However, self-control takes time and energy to develop. Here are some fun ways to develop this skill with your children. For more suggestions, tips and games, download the Vroom app for free on your phone.

Red Light, Green Light is a great game for kids to practice thinking and responding flexibly and using self-control. To make sure they don’t go on autopilot, try letting your child add new colors, motions or actions. This game also allows them to practice their memory to follow rules.

While playing Stop and Go Beats, children are practicing paying attention and using self-control. Try making the music go fast and slow, and see if your child can stop dancing when you stop the beat!

For more videos and tips, visit Vroom’s Youtube page.

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