Finding Your Parenting Style

June 7, 2018
Finding Your Parenting Style

Becoming an Authoritative Parent

Decades of research has shown that the “Authoritative” parent is one that encompasses a balance of  traits. These parents show affection and love to their child, but set clear expectations for their child’s behavior and follow through when those are not met. Rules are explained, and eventually children will figure out how to follow them in new situations without being told. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, authoritative parenting has been associated with the healthiest outcomes for adolescents, including lower rates of substance use, violence, and risky sexual behaviors as well as improved diet and increased physical activity.

1. Calm Firmness

Firmness can be defined as the way that parents set rules, discipline and structure for their child. This helps a child know that they are safe, taken care of, and helps them behave according to parents’ standards.

2. Warmth

Warmth is the affection shown by parents, the approval given to children, and the pleasure that parents get from their child. In a “warm” household, parents are responsive and a child always feels loved and special.

3. Communication

Frequent communication that is appropriate to the child’s level of understanding is a vital component of a parent-child relationship. An open line of communication tells a child that they can ask questions and discuss problems with the parent without fear of a negative consequence.

4. Appropriate Expectations

When expectations are high but explained and stated clearly, children know how to work towards meeting them. Goals should include input from the child and be flexible when necessary.


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