Crying and Fussiness

February 2, 2022
Crying and Fussiness

Though infant crying and fussiness is an expected part of development, it isn’t easy for parents. Help build knowledge and understanding with these strategies:

  1. Promote soothing. Newborns cannot be spoiled and need help from adults to calm down.
  2. Encourage sleep. Remind caregivers that being overtired contributes to fussiness. Advise putting the baby down every 1.5-2 hours.
  3. Frame crying as communication. Help caregivers to look for cues as to what their baby is trying to say. Parents can then name that need and respond sensitively.
  4. Give permission for breaks. Remind parents to take a break when they need it and put their newborns in a safe space for a chance to take a few breaths or pour a cup of coffee.

See this video for an example from the well child visits: