Creating a Yes Environment

November 10, 2021
Creating a Yes Environment

As babies grow, they become more mobile, and caregivers may find themselves saying “no” a lot more as they try to help children navigate their surroundings. Exploration is a key part of growth and saying “no” often makes it less effective. By baby-proofing and creating a “yes” environment, caregivers can save “no” for the times when they really need it. As a provider, you can:

  • Discuss how creating a “yes” environment decreases the need for the word “no.” This allows for greater child autonomy and makes playtime more enjoyable for everyone by reducing caregiver stress.
  • Suggest that families set aside a time and space to encourage exploration. Baby-proofing a play area and keeping an alert adult nearby ensure that a child can safely explore.
  • Praise caregivers for allowing safe exploration, which encourages children to learn new information, feel independent and gain confidence.

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