Coronavirus-Keeping Your Family Safe and Busy

March 11, 2020
Coronavirus-Keeping Your Family Safe and Busy

We know this is a difficult time for many families.  Please see some helpful tips and information on COVID-19 from Mount Sinai below, and some great ideas from our friends at Child’s Play for spending time indoors together.

Spending more time inside?  These games can turn your living room into a magical place of fun and learning.

This game can help foster communication even though no words are actually spoken. Choose a “leader” and a “reflection”, set up a scenario (morning routine, acting like an animal, etc.), mirror your child, and have them mirror you.

Play Follow the Leader! Start by leading with your body and then let your kids lead. It is a great physical way to get silly to get somewhere and practice motor skills.

Try practicing executive function skills by taking a trip on the Magic Elevator! Tape out a corner of your living room, grab some music and see where that magical elevator takes you!

Decorate your chin (use markers or feathers and googly eyes for added oomph) and turn yourself upside-down. Find a name, voice and personality for your chin and let the game begin!


For more fun-filled and challenging games from Child’s Play please click here.

For daily updates and FAQ regarding COVID-19 please click here.

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