Building Self-Esteem

July 6, 2017
Building Self-Esteem

Summer is a time of exploration, adventure and FREE time for kids.  It is also a great time to build your child’s self-esteem and confidence to start the next school year off with some new skills!

Tips to help support and strengthen your child’s self-esteem

  • New and challenging activities expand skills and build confidence.  Use the time out of school to explore new opportunities for your child and encourage them to try new activities before they have to commit to them during the school year.  

  • It’s about the effort.  Try not to focus on the final result as much as your child’s hard work and focus.  Mistakes are opportunities to learn for next time and helping them understand this during the relaxed pace of summer will give them great practice.

  • Give responsibilities.  Homework may be gone, but having important jobs around the house and within the family are good for children of all ages.  Letting children know that their contribution matters (whether setting the table or emptying the hamper) makes them feel important.

  • Recognize progress and accomplishments.  Celebrate the steps your child has taken to learn new skills and reach a goal.  Every step counts and feeling appreciated and recognized can help children to stay invested and motivated.  Thinking about the process and breaking it down into steps can also help children strategize what to do when they face challenges.

  • Model persistence and confidence.  Take on your own challenges with a positive attitude and let children see how you manage frustration.  Whether struggling to carry a heavy load of groceries or meeting new people, model for your children that you grow from each new and difficult experience.

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