Adjusting to a Summer Routine

May 17, 2018
Adjusting to a Summer Routine

Summer is near! Here are some tips to establish a routine during school vacation.

1. Maintain Some Routines

Even though summertime usually includes plenty of relaxing and free time, having some routine can lead to better behavior and stress-free days. When your child can predict their day, they can manage their behavior more effectively. Creating a visual schedule can be a great way to manage their activities, play dates, and caregivers.

2. Make a Summer Bucket List

Sitting down before the summer starts and making a list as a family can ensure you get some special activities into a busy summer. Create a bucket list of things you all want to do and make sure it includes something from everyone!

3. Get Outside

Physical activity and the great outdoors are important parts of wellness – both mental and physical! Use the summer to try new activities and discover new places in your city. Time spent exploring together is a great way to make sure your child learns something new and expands their developing mind.

4. Find Ways to Give Independence and Responsibility

Finding tasks for children throughout the house can be a great way to make sure they have some structure and routine during summer vacation. This could include putting laundry in the hamper, feeding pets, setting the dinner table, or cleaning up their toys and books.

5. Remember Your Limits

On vacation it’s common to bend the rules, but it’s important to do so with some thought in mind. If you’re going to let your child do things that ordinarily aren’t allowed, talk about it. Explain to your child why this is an exception, for example, “You don’t need to wear shoes at the beach, but you will need to wear shoes every day when you are back at school”. This way, you’ll prepare them for the change back to a school routine.

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