Addressing Sleep Concerns

March 17, 2021
Addressing Sleep Concerns

This week is National Sleep Awareness Week. Many parents have questions about sleep or sleep related behavior. Sleep can affect a child’s mental health, behavior and brain development. However, parents may not feel that sleep is a medical issue that should be included in the well-visit. You can help parents manage sleep concerns by always asking families about their child’s sleep and offering them resources and suggestions.

A few basic suggestions you can offer related to sleep:

Younger Children
  • Put children to sleep drowsy but awake so they fall asleep in their crib or bed where you want them to stay asleep.
Older Children
  • Try and have physical activity during the day and avoiding screens closer to bedtime.
For all Children
  • Consistent bedtime routines
  • Moving a bedtime to an earlier time often helps children sleep.

You can help be a champion and a resource for families. Addressing sleep issues at every well-visit can help assure that your children are well-rested and best able to learn and grow. For more information about sleep and other behavioral and developmental concerns, please visit this link. For age-specific guidance on sleep, please see the links below:

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