Facetiming with Family

December 23, 2020
Facetiming with Family

As we approach the holiday season in a pandemic, families may come to you with questions about how to connect with loved ones. You can remind parents that even though they may be physically separated from family, their child can maintain connections through technology, like video chatting. Keep reading for tips you can offer to parents adapted from Zero to Three on how they can keep their children engaged and make the most of video communication:

1. Keep it short – If the child does not want to be there, perhaps allow the family member to watch the child rather than engaging in conversation.

2. Make it interactive – Try using songs, games, and dancing to keep your child engaged in the conversation!

3. Use props – Use objects like stuffed animals, toys, books, and even snacks to make your child feel like their screen partner is there with them.

4. Be the “hands and heart” – When the screen partner “tickles” your baby’s tummy, give your child a little tickle, too.

5. Explain technical difficulties – By explaining in simple terms why a call dropped or froze, you can help your child better understand the technology and the interaction.

6. Let children take the lead – Allow your child to take the lead with technology by touching the green button to call or the red button to hang up.